Sunday, February 28, 2010

and Jenn falls asleep

and then the mask to scare us all

Mary tries being serious

PJ party snapshots


Another part of healing is solidifying friendships with your girlfriends. In February, I had my second pajama party with some friends from work. We had a wonderful time. We sang karoake, talked all night, ate and drank. It was so much fun! One of my friends got sick the last minute and couldn't make it.


Dylan has been dating Jordan for a while. No news yet on next step, fingers are crossed though. During Christmas Dylan told me he got a new position in his firm and is very excited about this. Jordan has changed jobs and is very happy as well.


Blake is also preparing to go to London with Jessica. He will be working there as she completes her degrees. He is pretty excited about going. He shared with me that next month he is going to start looking for a ring. Now I am excited. She is definitely going to be a wonderful addition to our family. I am wondering if they will be married before they leave for London in September!