Saturday, June 27, 2009


So I had the best birthday ever. My sons took me and Cliff to Charleston, South Carolina for a four day weekend. Blake brought his girlfriend Jessica and Dylan brough his girlfriend Jordan. What a party!

We left at 6AM in 50 degree weather, when we arrived in Charleston the temperature shot up to 105 degrees. We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Charleston which was near all the shopping and the market. Our first lunch was in a beautiful restaurant and I feasted on a grilled shrimp salad and peach iced tea. We then met up with the boys had a snack and shopped. Afterwards, we went back to our hotel, had a few drinks and then prepared for dinner. We went to a rooftop bar near our restaurant and then walked over to a famous restaurant called Magnolias. The food was amazingly delicious as well as the wine pairing. I had shrimp and andouille sausage over pasta. On the way out I slipped on some wet floor tile and did a face plant. I was more embarassed than hurt, especially when one of my high heeled shoes landed on someone's table. We then went back to the hotel and I iced my knee and took some advil.

On day two we did some more shopping and had a wonderful brunch. I also had a pedicure. We did some sight seeing and then I was surprised with a massage. Talk about pampering! We took a cab ride to The Boone Plantation which is the oldest plantation in Charleston. It was very interesting. We later went out to a wonderful seafood restaurant and I had shrimp again! I think shrimp became a theme here.

On the third day we waited on line forever in the brutal heat for a famous Sunday brunch at the Hamilton Grille where Rachel Ray had recently dined. Afterwards we took a horse and carriage ride and learned about some history of Charleston and saw the beautiful houses that lined the streets. One interesting fact was that some picket fences resembled wrought iron fences. This meant that during the War Between the States (Northerners called it the Civil War) the house donated the wrought iron to the war effort and the picket fence meant that is what they did. Also, if a home was 75 years or older you were not allowed to tear it down.

On the third night, we went to a bar where the famous deviled egg dare began. My son Dylan dared Blake's girlfriend Jessica to eat 16 deviled eggs (32 halves). If she did it he would give her $200. We then took bets on whether or not she could do it. I was the only one who betted with her. I also twittered the dare as it was happening. Unfortunately she quit at 12 eggs (24 halves) got sick and had to go back to her hotel room. Poor Jessica, she missed the fun for the rest of the night.

Monday Blake and Jessica left on a 6AM flight because they had to go back to work. Dylan, Jordan, Cliff and I hit the stores once again and then had a lovely brunch. We then packed up and went to the airport. Some of the pictures are posted.