Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I haven't written in my blog for a long time, mostly because I was afraid of what I would write. After my wonderful July 4th weekend, my life fell apart. It happened the minute I opened the door to my house from this great weekend. I am not going to get into major details as those of you who know me well know what I went through. From July 4th to the end of October, my life changed dramatically. My man of five years left without a goodbye and moved to the arms of a sick girl 25 years younger. After the trauma, a restraining order, and becoming empowered, I have taken some baby steps to recovery. I am trying to work on forgiveness, or at least, moving from hatred as that is not healthy for your soul. Because of all this, I haven't written, but I am now ready to continue with my blog.

So to say August, September, October and a good part of November has been erased from my life, so it has been erased from my blog.

But, my friends, I am back and getting stronger. I love you all and all the support you have given me during my rebirth.