Sunday, March 29, 2009

This one is a card I did a few years ago. It is a drawing of one of my kid's puppets!

It is hard to upload pencil and charcoal drawings, this one is just a test. It is my latest card. I am not sure this is doing it any justice.

I know Tera and some others on Chicks on Lit love Dr. Seuss. I made posters for this wonderful day. Here a few of my Dr. Seuss drawings.

So the exciting news is that Cliff is making a studio and potting shed for me renovating the side of my barn. He has just put in the big picture window. This is him hard at work.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OK, so today I went for my post op visit and didn't get great news. I was hoping my surgery would be done laproscopically and was told today that it was not possible. First off, I am not supposed to have a hernia, I am a woman for goodness sakes! Anyway, now I am getting pretty nervous about the whole thing because it sounds so much more involved than I previously thought. So on March 30th I have an appt with the anesthesiologist and on April 3rd I am scheduled for surgery. I think my doctor is too darn cute, thin and pretty to be a surgeon. How can she have all that an be smart on top of it?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

So now my friend Teri walked me through the ability of adding a picture to my profile. I am really glad that she helped me because I didn't want to have that ghost profile picture that is standard when you don't post.

A little more about me. The profile picture is me and my mother. My mother is 85 years old (she would kill me if she knew I was posting her age), doesn't she look great? She still jogs and walks up flights of stairs for exercise.

My mother and I have not gotten along for a very long period of my life. Growing up was very difficult especially being an only child. I would say about 8 years ago we decided to work on our relationship, via an old boyfriend who made it his mission. I am glad that he forced the situation, it was the best thing that he could have done for me. The picture that you see is the first, and only, mother/daughter vacation that we took to Cancun for one week. Now we talk at least once a week, I can confide in her and I am happy when I am with her. We have come a long way. She is even coming to stay with me for a week to help me recover from surgery in April.

In my journey, I am constantly working on mending relationships and working towards better relationships in my life. I have spent many years on the hermit side because it is comfortable. It is real work to not be that way. Don't get me wrong, I love being with people, especially with friends and family, but at times I have to work at it.

My next project is to figure out how to get pictures on to the blogs that I am writing. I am hoping to hook up with Teri again so she can show me how to do it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The meaning of Pygmalion:

The dictionary defines this as:

In classical mythology, a sculptor who at first hated women but then fell in love with a statue he made of a woman. He prayed to Venus that she would find him a woman like the statue. Instead, Venus made the statue come to life.
Note: The play Pygmalion, by George Bernard Shaw, adapts this theme: a professor trains a girl from the gutter to speak and behave like a lady, and then he and his new creation become attached to each other. This play became the basis for the musical comedy My Fair Lady.
Pygmalion [(pig-mayl-yuhn, pig-may-lee-uhn) (1913)]
A play by George Bernard Shaw, about a professor, Henry Higgins, who trains a poor, uneducated girl, Eliza Doolittle, to act and speak like a lady. Shaw based his story.

For me, I chose this because it means transformation. I believe that I am constantly changing and becoming a better person, I am working on it. If we can use the definition of coming to life, it means for me that I am getting more and more in touch with myself. This is important for my own personal journey. I believe that the more that we know about ourselves the more that we can accomplish. I hope that you will join me in my journey and that you will share yours with me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beware the Ides of March

Well, many years ago on the Ides of March, I got divorced. How different my life has been since that day. I often wonder what my life would have been like had I stayed. I can't decide what was worse -- the divorce or the marriage. I often find myself reflecting on this day. I can't say that the marriage was totally horrible as I had three beautiful children from it.

Exciting things are happening in my life now. I live in a beautiful house that was built in 1880, on two acres of land and has a huge barn. I am almost famous because this barn is the birthplace of Burton Snowboards. The barn has a huge main part of two floors and an added part that I believe was put on as an after thought. We are in the process of converting this part into a studio for me. I will be able to sit in there and read, draw and write. This is very exciting for me. The first thing we did was put in a huge picture window so I can look out and get inspired. I am a huge window person. The window overlooks some of my flower gardens which will be ideal for me. We are now reroofing because there were too many leaks which eventually rotted out part of the floor and wall. So sheetrocking the entire place is another part of the project. When I get the hang of this blog, I will figure out how to add pictures of the project to show the step by step progress.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14, 2009

Well, this is my first attempt at a blog. I am not really sure what I am doing yet, but I am going to give it a try. My friends keep telling me that I should do this, so here goes.

I live in Vermont and am anxiously awaiting the end of the winter. If you don't know me well, you would not know that winter is my least favorite season (next to fall). I love the spring and summer; the spring because everything is growing and life is beginning, the summer because I don't have to work and time is all mine. My friend Holli is visiting California right now and is camping in the desert. She has been sending me pictures via her mobile. I would send her some back but I think she would rather not be reminded of the snow as I believe she hates the winter as much as I do.

Another friend, Teri, has suggested that I start a blog so I can post some of my art work, which at this point in time is mainly cards. I think I am going to try and give it a go. I have never posted any artwork before, so this is a huge step for me.

I have become very involved with a website called Goodreads, and especially a group called Chicks on Lit. I am lucky to have made quite a few friends from the website, Holli and Teri who are from that site. This site is changing a part of my life, which is a really great thing and I am very grateful.

It is Saturday, and I love the weekends. Today has been very busy as I went to BJ's, a place that I really love, and spent too much time and money there. It was well worth it. I am now getting ready to go to a St. Patrick's Day party. Should be fun if it isn't too crowded. I tend to shy away from crowds as I am a bit claustrophobic.